The Best (and eh) Places to Live in Boston

When looking at the extensive list of apartments online from broker sites and apartment listings can be overwhelming. When I first started looking at apartments, I didn’t know where to start.

Only after some research I found out the there are some areas that are cheaper, older, have more or less crime, and some that are overpriced just because of where they are located *Back Bay and Southie*.

Below, we shall delve into what the various areas are around Boston in relation to Emerson College. For those of you attending other schools or just looking for the area information, Emerson is located directly in the middle of downtown Boston across from the Boston Commons and the Boston Public Gardens (with the famous statue of Washington on a horse).

So with downtown as our center point, let’s work our way directionally!

Most Popular areas: East & West



If you travel east of downtown, you will pass through Chinatown (some inexpensive housing available not much) and then the Financial district. A little north of the city is the North End, or Little Italy with some housing as well. North End and the Financial District can be a bit price because they are prime real estate, tourist areas, and close to the city.

The next section and the furthest you can get without running into the Pacific Ocean in East Boston. Surrounded on three sides and connected by the bridge and the Blue line of the T, East Boston is a bit farther from the city than other areas but is more economical for it.

Primarily families, schools, and students, East Boston is right next to the airport and has close access to the water. There are high-end condominiums along the water if that is your thing as well! The further away you get from the water the cheaper the rent. Water= scenic = $1000 more in rent!

East Boston is a nice place to live if you don’t want to be right next to the city and nightlife and pay a reasonable cost.

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Traveling from Emerson, you will pass through the Back Bay, Fenway, Allston, and Brighton neighborhoods. Take note that these areas are all accessible off of the B Line of the Green Line train, the longest and most crowded train line on Boston Red Sox game days. However, I live off this line and haven’t had any problems, yet the B line is a little slower than the others because of all the Boston College stops it makes.

If you are thinking price wise, just remember the closer to the city the more you will pay for a smaller size of an apartment. Back Bay and Fenway are closer to the city and are have things like Newbury St. (quaint shopping street popular with tourists), Trinity Church (old gothic church that is free is you go on Saturdays and attend the 9a.m. service), Boston Public Library (with the majestic vaulted ceilings), and Fenway Park (because Boston is serious about their teams).

Hence, Allston is the area of the college students, and not necessarily the graduate students. Close to Berkley, Boston College, and a few other colleges, Allston is the most economical of the areas without traveling south of the city or far north. However, the building tends to be much older and not in as great a shape. So if you want to live in Allston, make sure to view beforehand!

Brighton is also a nice way to go. Traveling almost to the end of the B-Line you will reach Brighton. It is a quaint area, quiet, nicely laid out with row houses and old big historical homes. The apartments aren’t too expensive but are more expensive the Allston for sure.

Next week we will cover the “The Ups and Downs of Living in Boston, The South and North Side”

Next Week Bookworms!


Kime J. Sims.

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