Why You Should NOT Move to Boston: An Interview with Edmund Bullock

Boston is a little city with a big reputation. There are thousands of people that move here every year. We took to the library and interviewed everyday Bostonians to answer the question: Is Boston a good place to live and why?

When people imagine Boston, they see a historically rich and culturally diverse city. But what they don’t see are the thousands of students and professionals that move here every year to make their marks on the world. They are on the T (the subway) and they are on the streets walking from one place to another through Copley square. In both of these, their eyes are fixed on one thing- getting where they are going. The tourists not so much.

Being in this city, there is an air about it. The curvature of the glass skyscrapers meets cobblestone streets in clashes of the modern vs. historical. Whether you are moving here for school or work or otherwise, we hope to delve into some of your queries and provide an answer to the what many people are wondering: Is the expense of living in this beautiful city worth it? We are going to interview some of the resident Bostonians and get their take on life in one of America’s oldest and most culturally diverse cities.

Welcome to Moving to Boston: Bonker’s for Boston
The following Podcast is my interview with Edmund Bolluck, a father, community member, and self-published author.

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