Toes in the Water: Certificate Programs in Publishing

Depending on the skills you hope to polish, a publishing program may or may not be for you. There are some ways to see if the field is for you without spending $60k, relocating, and spending two years of your life!

If you don’t want to complete a full master’s program, but want to see what publishing is about/ get a step in the door you could try out a publishing summer course or Certificate Program. The credits from these could also apply to the graduate school you chose if you check beforehand!

Certificate programs offer great overview courses and can give you a hand up when applying for the internships or entry-level jobs in your town. The biggest cities for publishing are New York, Boston, Portland, Memphis/Nashville, Houston, and Washington D.C. This isn’t to say that you can’t find a position in your city! There are publishing houses, both big and small across the United States.

If you want to expand your writing skills and understanding of the field check out the following programs!

Publishing Overview Programs:

  • Columbia University
    • 6-week course
    • The Columbia Publishing Course
    • “The first three weeks of the course are devoted to book publishing and the following two weeks are devoted to the magazine and digital publishing, with the sixth and last week being a combination of all the interests presented by the course. The sixth week also heavily focuses on career planning in preparation for having students apply for jobs.”
  • University of Denver
    • Certificate of Completion/ 6-Quarter Hours of Graduate Credit
    • 4 weeks in the summer
    • “The Denver Publishing Institute is the ideal launching pad for your career in book publishing. During four weeks, it will introduce you to the exciting and ever-changing world of book publishing. The course will provide a solid educational foundation and an excellent network for your subsequent job search.”
  • Arizona State University
    • Scholarly Publishing Certificate Program
    • Nonfiction Writing and Publishing
  • Rosemont College
  • Washington State University
    • Department of English Editing and Publishing Certificate
    • 15 hours
    • Pullman, WA
    • “The Editing and Publishing Certificate (EPC) is a career-oriented curriculum that allows students already attracted to the field of editing and publishing to pursue a cohesive track where they gather editorial tools and practice them in real-life workplaces. Because our offerings uniquely combine literary, creative, digital, and technical writing skills, the certificate allows flexibility for students to build on their individual editorial interests and pursue related careers.”

Well, depending on where you live and your financial situation this could be a great option to get away for a summer after graduating or maybe take the online courses!

But the question is it feasible to move across the country or even to another state? If you are struggling with this question, trying out one of these programs is a great way to gains skills or test the field before dedicating your time and resources.

There are many other programs out there and options! Please let me know if you find other you feel should be added to the list.

Thanks again Bookworms!


Kime J. Sims.

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